Customizable categories and item costs

Customizable text for customer bids

Automatic calculations

Ability to change bid total if desired

Discounts of your choice based on referral sources (i.e. Home Advisor, Angies List)

Appropriate sales tax applied after discounts

Built in and customizable units of measure

Use bids as contracts with customers' signature

Print Invoices-Payments-Statements AND Receipts

Scheduling of bidders (NO double-booking!)

Daily, weekly, monthly calendar views

Integration with Google Maps and route planners for scheduling

Quick Pick Drop Downs and auto-fills for speedy data entry

Quick Click service requests

Manage revisions with the click of a button

Automatic status updates

Hours and Mileage tracking for estimators

Various Reports  (All Estimates, Estimates by Status, by Bidder, by Zone, Hours and Mileage reports)

Email bids to customers right from your tablet/laptop*

Save images from a bid, linked to customers' bid

Easy management of returning customers

Ability to print blank bid sheets for pen and paper estimating

Printable work orders for accepted jobs

Save bids as PDFs to the cloud* and automatically link to bid, for easy access


(for paper and data entry bidding)

Quick Quote PRO  the quickest in mobile estimating

Here are some options for you (Amazon typically has the best price on electronics. But of course, feel free to shop around!


QuickQuotePRO is an intuitive, simple application that allows companies to generate and deliver an estimate instantly. This kind of service gives you an edge over the competition by getting the most important information (the cost) to the customer FIRST,

immediately opening dialog between you and your potential client allowing you to sell your services and seal the deal, before the other guy has even mailed out their bid.

Of course you can print and mail out a bid if you wish.

  • If your estimating team is not using notebooks or tablets and your company uses paper for estimating, Quick Quote Pro  works as well in the office as it does in  the field. For an "in-office" setup you will need:
  • A computer running Microsoft Windows 7.0 or higher.
  • Microsoft Access (2010+) or Access Runtime (2010+)  (free)
  • Printer with paper and ink
  • And of course Quick Quote Pro



(for mobile bidding):

  • A laptop, notebook or tablet running Microsoft Windows 7.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Access (2010+) or Access Runtime (2010+) (FREE)
  • A FREE Dropbox “cloud” account (2 GB)
  • Printer with paper and

            ink (portable, battery

            operated would be nice,

            but any "corded" printer

            will do with a power

            inverter and USB connector).

  • And of course Quick Quote Pro

*THE TRUTH ABOUT "cloud" bidding,

In order your bids to be "in the cloud" you will need a constant internet connection or hot spot. We have several options to get around this limitation of the cloud on our Cloud page .

The first step in the service world, is the Estimate (aka. Bid, Quote).

As its name indicates, QuickQuotePRO is designed to help you get your quotes done quickly and professionally!